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LeatherTyke Products handcrafts a complete line of 100% Soy Wax, Soy/Paraffin Blend, and Low-melt Paraffin candles in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced formulas

New! Neon UV Fluorescents
New! Flavored Massage Oil
Scented Massage Oil
Hot Wax Play Wax Candles

Low melt-point, handcrafted scented Massage Oil and Play Candles which make any personal encounter more exciting and memorable!

All LeatherTyke Products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. You can choose if you want leather scent or one of our many other scents.

When using candles for play:

Our candles have a melting points between 120 - 140 degrees. 

This is the WICK melt point! 

Be aware that using a crock or warmer can increase the temperature well over 145 degrees which can cause serious 2nd and 3rd degree burns when applied incorrectly.

Wax cools as it drops depending on
distance from skin, ambient temperature of the room and other factors.

Begin dripping wax slowly from at least 12” above skin. 

Move candle closer gradually inch by inch until the desired temperature and physical response is achieved.


Keep wet towel, water spray bottle or ice nearby in case of overheated or excessive wax pour.

Avoid direct contact with eyes & sensitive areas.
Some light redness can occur. 

If blistering occurs treat with ice and apply LeatherTyke Products Moisturizing Lotion, 100% Aloe After Care Gel, or any burn cream available from a drugstore or retail outlet.

Keep direct flame away from flammable materials and objects.

Use extreme care with open flame


About Hot Wax Candle Play

When venturing into any kind of wax play there are several  variables and intricacies to consider.

Melt-point and type of wax, as well as where it's to be applied and how. There are various types of wax play ranging from S/M (pain) to Sensual (Massage) to Artistic (Color).

When starting out. You want a candle that will melt faster with initial heat, that dissipates quickly. Low-melt Soy wax is usually the best "beginner" wax.

LeatherTyke Products has a complete line of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced wax play candles...each with their own very specific attributes. We are happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have about wax play.

Our best initial advice, especially if you're just starting out, is to be wary of high-melt, low-quality, paraffin candles and wax that can be purchased cheaply at the grocery store. Most retail candles are paraffin with many added ingredients to extend melt time and increase melt-point.

NOTE: Religious candles in tall glass containers are cheap and designed to burn for a very long time.  They contain many chemicals and additives which are not good for the skin and shoud NOT be used for wax play.  We DO NOT recommend the use of straight-paraffin available at the grocery store for canning, etc. OR using most regular tapered candles available at retail stores for the same reason

Find the best, high-quality, soy or soy/paraffin blenc candles available and you will help ensure that your night of passion doesn't end up with a trip to the E.R.

If you have ANY questions about Wax Play, LeatherTyke Products, or just want to discuss options with various types of wax play...email us directly or connect with us on FetLife under LeatherTykePrdct

About our products

LeatherTyke Products are handcrafted and custom made in small batched to ensure the highest quality.   Our 100% Soy scented massage, flavored massage and Beginner play wax candles are completely safe and edible.  NO  added ingredients or chemicals!

All of our candles have extra large wicks to cut down on wait time between drips and pours.  Nothing is more frustrating than being in a hot, sensual scene and having to wait 3-5 minutes for the wax to melt for the next drip.

You'll hear a LOT about "melt-point".  Melt-point is important...but, It's not all about "melt-point".  There are many variables in wax play that determine the heat/temperature when it hits the skin (whether using wick or warmer), the distance from the skin, the type of wax, etc.

As we stated above...our best initial advice is to avoid cheap wax with many additives and very high melt points.  These can be DANGEROUS.


LeatherTyke Product's New FLAVORED Massage Oil candles are amazing!  In amazing flavors like: Chocolate Lava Cake, Orange Creamsicle, Honey, Caramel, Bubblegum and more...our 100% Soy flavored Massage Oil candles add an extra added sensory experience.  Scents and tastes align to increse the desire to lick up every last drop!

LeatherTyke Product's CUSTOM Scented Massage Oil Candles have been very popular with our customers.  We select only clean, pure scents.  Our Simply Vanilla scented Massage Oil candle is not a "sugar cookie" vanilla scent, but rather, as the name suggests, a SIMPLE pure vanilla scent.  They are available in a variety of custom-made fine floral, spice, musk, and other fragrances.


LeatherTyke Product's New, Neon UV Fluorescent Hot Play Wax candles have very low melt points which allow for fast melt either with the wick or by placing the candle in a container either one a mug warmer or potpourri warmer...or even in a small crock pot on warm.

Our UV Fluorescents glow BRIGHT under regular blacklight but "POP" under UV light!  Our proprietary 100% low-melt paraffin makes these candles burn quickly and drip/pour with amazing color!

Amazing color to let your creative side out!  Mix colors, make a masterpiece...shine our mini UV LED Flashlight and snap pics to post online with #LeatherTykeProducts! 

LeatherTyke Product's
BEGINNER formulated 100% Soy Hot Wax Play candles have our lowest melt point.  They will have a quick, hot sting and the heat will dissipate quickly.  Cleanup is quick and easy.  Wax peels off quickly.  The rest washes off in a warm shower or in a warm wash.

LeatherTyke Product's
INTERMEDIATE formulated Paraffin/Soy Hot Wax Play candles will have a slightly higher melt point than our Beginner Hot Wax Play candles with a hotter sting and the heat will dissipate quickly.  Cleanup may require a sharp knife or tool to remove (especially if hair has not been remove prior to play).

LeatherTyke Product's ADVANCED formulated Soy/Paraffin Hot Wax Play candles have our highest melt point. They are made with a similar Soy/Paraffin blend to our INTERMEDIATE Hot Wax Play candles, however, they have the hottest sting and longest dissipation of heat.  Cleanup requires a sharp knife or tool to remove (especially if hair has not been remove prior to play)...which can also be part a very big part of the psychology in a great SM scene!